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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Joe's Family ... MY Family

I collect family members and then keep them even when they are not "technically" part of my family anymore. This week, some of my family came for a visit. My son Joe's uncle Ben, Aunt Lonni and their girls came to stay with us. Ben is the brother of my ex-husband but we are still friends and it seemed perfectly natural that they would come and stay with us while they were in town. Thursday night we had an evening of guitar playing and other merriment with the "family" and a few friends. I got some great facial shots of the guitar players. I was shooting with my Nikon D200.

I wonder if I should explore "band" photography.

Thursday was a busy night. After dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant we stopped for "frozen custard." I had forgotten how much Lonni loves the frozen stuff. I took this picture with her first digital camera, a Canon point and shoot - very nice camera for a point and shoot.

On Saturday Charles and I drove out to the Virginia Arboretum in Boyce, Virginia to check out the gardens and the picture taking possibilities. It was very hot but we saw a few things and decided that we will have to go back in the fall and winter and spring. Here is a shot that I took while we took the driving tour around the arboretum.


Virginia Arboretum:
Thai Basil:
Milwaukee Frozen Custard:

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