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Monday, August 06, 2007

Grand Views - Part III

Gotta love the "poofy" clouds and blue skies of the West. Here in the D.C. area we are experiencing the August haze.

Day Three of our vacation - this was a touring and learning day with local photographer Derek von Briesen. Derek picked me up in his 4-wheel drive vehicle and we drove off ths paved roads up Schnebly Hill Road for some beautiful vistas of the town of Sedona. I also saw a Coyote.

This formation is called the "Cowpies" - can you guess why?!

In addition to some beautiful views, Derek taught me a lot about using my camera and landscape photography composition. It was a great learning experience and reinforced many things that I already knew. I am much more comfortable with using my tripod now.

After Schnebly Hill Road, we headed up Oak Creek Canyon for some shots of Oak Creek and the West Fork of Oak Creek.

Weather cut the day short. Later in the evening Charles and I drove around Sedona looking for a sunset that never really came. We did see some cool water cascading off of red rocks but the lighting was not good to get a good shot. Here is a shot of a formation called "Coffee Pot."