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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery

My friend Cathy and I went to Arlington National Cemetery yesterday to do some photography.

This is a special place. It is impossible to capture the significance of the the orderly rows of headstones that mark the graves of our nation's heroes. Some died in battle. All served our country and deserve our respect and gratitude.

On Memorial Day weekend, a flag is placed at every grave. This is a monumental task and I can not begin to know how the men and women that undertake this task feel as they set every flag. I was moved.

Click on the photo to see some of the other shots that I took yesterday.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring and Mother's Day

Today my boys - Charles, Joe, Ivan and Harvey - and I took a trip to Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia. There were lots of lovely flowers there. I will have to go back.

Green Spring Gardens, originally uploaded by Nadia McIlhany.

Mother's Day seemed like a good day for a family portrait.

And a good day for this week's self-portrait.