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Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Camera Adventures

I got a new camera a few weeks ago, the Nikon D200. It is a digital SLR. I haven’t shot film since December 2004 when I got my first DSLR, the Nikon D70. I take lots more pictures and try more things with my digital cameras. I look forward to exploring all the features of the D200.

I had two photography outings planned for this weekend:

Winery Outing:

The first outing was a paint/shoot out yesterday with the Northern Virginia Artists League, NOVAL (see below). We went to a local Loudoun County, Virginia vineyard, Windham Winery. The lighting wasn’t so great for photography but I got a few interesting shots - that I played with in Photoshop. We found a baby bird in a nest among the vines but none of us could get a good shot of it. The owners and staff at the winery were so welcoming to our group. I hope to get back there in the fall to catch some shots of the changing leaves (and for the wine).

I've been playing with logos for my photography business. What do you think of this one?

Visting Grandma:

The second outing was a visit to my 101 year old grandmother today with the hope of taking some pictures of her. Unfortunately she was not in a picture taking mood. I got one interesting shot but I will have to visit her another day.

After visiting my grandma, my parents, niece and nephew came over for lunch. My son and one of his friends also joined us. It was my mom’s birthday yesterday and my parents’ anniversary on Tuesday so we had to CELEBRATE. While my son and his friend moved a desk into my studio, I took some shots of my parents and niece and nephew in the studio. No one is safe from my camera.

I love this shot of my parents.

My niece was pretending to be a super hero – who knows, maybe she is one. I wonder what her super power is???


I have joined NOVAL, a group of local artists. They are an eclectic group of painters, photographers and graphic artists – including both accomplished artists and newcomers like me. They have been very warm and welcoming. I look forward to a long association with them. I am very excited because Sandi Croan, one of the photographers in the group (now there are 3 – I’m one!!!), has been so helpful and supportive. Her work is incredible. She shoots with the same camera that I do and has shown me a few things. I hope to help Sandi and the other NOVAL artists at their booths at the Virginia Wine Festival at the end of September.


Windham Winery:
Sandi Croan Photography:
Virginia Wine festival:

Thanks for visiting. Come back next week.

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