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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Where are all the leaves now!

PHOG is late this week. This is what happens when you get back to work after a week's vacation.

I didn't get to do much picture taking this week. But I did some.

On Friday there were still lots of leaves on the tree in my backyard. The colors were beautiful. After Sunday's rain, they're all gone. :(

A little Photoshop play.

On Saturday, we went to the Virginia Tech - Kent State football game down in Blacksburg. It was my last home game of the season although Charles gets to go to one more over Thanksgiving weekend (a big one against UVA). For the first time since going to a Tech game, I had a "Hokie" leg (aka turkey leg). Here is a shot of all the turkey legs on the grill.

I finally got to work on some of the maternity pictures that I took of Melanie before we went on vacation. Here they are:

It is a busy week again so I don't know how much photography I will get to do this week. But I always manage some.

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