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Sunday, October 15, 2006

So it's FALL

I know that it has been fall for a few weeks now but I don't really believe that it is fall until the cold comes and the leaves begin to change. The first signs are finally upon us.

I seem to take my camera to work with me on Wednesdays. This past Wednesday was no exception. I was going to the Library of Congress to do some research so I figured that I would throw my camera in the bag and look for some shots up on Capitol Hill. The Capitol is a pretty impressive structure.

The Northern Virginia Photographic Society self-improvement topic this month is triangles. I didn't make it to Green Spring Gardens with the other society members on Sunday morning. However, I took a walk around the neighborhood looking for triangles.

Do you see the triangle in this picture?

I am also working on a fall foliage challenge this month. The leaves are just starting to change in our area. They don't seem to be as colorful as they have been in other years. We'll see how they develop over the next couple of weeks. The tree in front of our house has lost most of its leaves. The ones left are shades of yellow and a little bit of orange.

I'm sure that there will be more color next week.


Library of Congress:

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