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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My style of photography is eclectic meaning that I select and use what seems best from various sources or systems.

Sometimes it is realistic and sometime it is ...

I am thinking about doing some photographic teaching in the near future. Having planned several local outings with photo friends, I know that creating a workshop is not something that can be done without a great deal of thought and planning. Thanks to all my photo friends that are encouraging me on this.

I am going to start with something that I know. My first planned out-of-town workshop will be to Chincoteague, VA and Assateague Island, MD in the fall - November 2010. I am starting to look at my own recent Chincoteague images to sketch out the outline of the workshop. Aside from the classic nature shots -- the bay, the beach, the geese, the ponies -- there are lots of interesting things to shoot in this area and this is where my eclectic style comes in.

I took this shot at a local boat rental shop, Capt. Bob's Marina. While driving around during the mid-day looking for interesting things to shoot, these colorful boats drew our little group in. This is a classic scenario for photographers on the prowl: "OMG, look at that ... STOP!!!"

When I went to process this image of vibrant colors (shot with my Lensbaby Composer lens), it just screamed "ABSTRACT!!!" Perhaps I have been working too many long hours if my images are screaming at me.

Watch for more news on my photographic adventure workshops coming your way sometime soon.

1 comment:

Dorine said...

Cool image of those boats Nadia. I remember the fun day spent driving through the trailer park looking for those "OMG" moments. How lucky your participants will be to join you there.