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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pretty Macro Flowers

Last week I bought some flowers to shoot (poor flowers, what did they do that was so wrong that they should be shot???). I let them sit for a whole week before I shot them. Some pink tulips had died a horrible death. I tried to shoot them but those images did not turn out so well and you will not see them here. Some were living life just fine and you see them here. Enjoy.

I shot these with my 105mm macro lens at f2.8. Not much crazy post shooting processing (well, one was "artified" with Topaz Simplify - can you guess which one).

Photography question of the day - are these images "abstract?" One definition of abstract photography is the photographic art that is "not representational of real objects in the natural world." So this means that you cannot really tell what the original object in the photograph is/was. Another definition is "works in which objects, people, and/or places are depicted in simplified arrangements of shapes, lines, textures, and/or colors." I found an interesting site of abstract photography today. photographic abstracts

Oh, and I bought more flowers today ... stay tuned.

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