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Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Car and New Car Salesman, Don

The photo seems to have been cut off - perhaps a glitch in publishing to the blog directly from Flickr. To see the whole image, click on the image. But read my witty banter first!!!

We picked up our new car today, a Red 2010 Toyota Prius. Here she is all shiny and new on the Koons Tysons Toyota lot. Charles disagrees and does not think that a car has a gender - and he doesn't think that "she" should have a name. I disagree. I suspect she will have quite the personality. I will wait to figure that out before naming her. ;)

This is our salesman Don Evans. He was a great salesman. What every car salesman should be. He was not pushy. He was helpful. We really liked him and would recommend him to anyone. An added plus (for Charles): he is a Jayhawk and was in the Air Force (Charles, in addition to being a Hokie, is also a Jayhawk, and his dad was in the Air Force).

This is a grab shot that I took. These events and the people that make a difference should be memorialized!!!

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