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Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Creative Spirit

Today, I went on a photo adventure to Glen Eco Park in Cabin John, Maryland. This "arts park" is a former chataqua and amusement park. The old amusement park buildings have an art deco style. But the park is also surrounded by woods. You enter the park by crossing over a wooden bridge over the Mineehaha Creek. Through the lush foilage, you see an old railroad bridge - perhaps this bridge brought people out to the park from downtown D.C.
One of the first things that you see as you enter the park is the Denzel Carousel. It wasn't open yet but the building itself is very colorful - especially with a little HDR processing. Although I had to move a few trash cans out of my shot.
There are lots of neon signs around the park. I am going to have to go back at night and catch the lights on. This is the sign for the main park entrance. I shot several versions of the sign from different angles. I was stuck by how quickly the sky was changing in the background. This shot is also an HDR image.
The sky was changing for good reason. Storms were moving in and out of the area. While shooting it started to rain so I took a break in the "Cuddle Up" pavilion to wait it out. While sitting there one of the park maintenance men, John, showed up to start power washing the concrete floor. The Cuddle Up pavilion is used for all kinds of activities from performances to art classes. John had these great yellow boots and was kind enough to pose for a portrait.
I'm going to have to head back to Glen Echo because there is lots to shoot there. Lots to feed my creative spirit.


ann potocnak said...

glen echo is a WONDERLAND - for a photog, a four-year-old, a 10-yr-old or just about anyone else! my mom remembers going there as a youngster, and i've taken my daughter there. glad you had a good experience!

John Barclay said...

The Carousel and the last image I like a lot! Nice Sis.

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for feeding your creative spirit! You go girl! I think I went to Glen Echo as a kid! Weird, huh!

Nice HDR processing on your images too.

Anonymous said...

Man, leaving comments here is not easy. Hope you get my comment! Barbara K

mrsammy7 said...

Looks like a great place to HDR. I'm thinking of heading to Asbury Park, NJ. Went there as a kid (horse & buggy) and wonder what it's like now. Heard some horror stories...maybe it'll be like it was in BIG (I think that's where it was shot). Maybe I'll run into the Boss...(not my ex-wife)