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Monday, August 17, 2009

Lessons Learned

This past weekend we celebrated my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. It was a great event. I, however, was an awful photographer. I guess that I can blame lots of things for this ... mostly myself for not thinking. I was so wrapped up with everything that was going on that I didn't think clearly about the various things that I knew should have been done - like make sure the auto focus was always turned on, or that I was using the correct ISO, or ...

I did get some good shots. And thank goodness for Photoshop plug-ins. At least some of the shots could be saved somewhat. If you like some of the creative stuff.

I did shoot about 80 images so it will take a little while to process them all. In the meantime ... the couple of honor - my mom and dad!!!

The morning after the party - before we all headed on our separate ways - we were able to have breakfast together - my parents - my sister and her family - and me and my family. Joe's friend Billy shot the images. Unfortunately the autofocus was not turned on and not one shot was in actual focus. I love the Topaz Simplfy filter for an artistic family portrait.

My parents. 50 Years Together ... and still very much in love!!!


Susan said...

You're an artist. Look fwd to what's to come. Blessed evening!

....a photographic journey...... said...

Congratultions to your parents. You have the memories, and the photos will be a great reminder, regardless of whether they are "picture perfect".
Job well done Nadia.