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Sunday, July 19, 2009

If you see red ...

... shoot it (of course). Today, I went scouting for a impromptu photo tour that I am arranging for some of my photo friends next weekend. The main activity of the "tour" is shooting the sunflowers at McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area near Seneca, Maryland. These fields of sunflowers are amazing and I did shoot them (see below) but I wanted to add some additional shooting locations for our "tour." About nine miles from the sunflowers is the last ferry still operating on the Potomac River, White's Ferry. It is also the last cable ferry in the United States (I think). While the ferry runs all year long, the little store and snack bar only operates from May to October. Since White's Ferry is on the Potomac River and adjacent to the C&O Canal Towpath, it is a stopping point for hikers, bikers, and boaters. Plus, you can rent canoes (red ones) and rowboats here. I'm looking forward to my photo "tour" next weekend.

Shooting around White's Ferry and the C&O Canal:

After finishing my shooting at White's Ferry, I took the ferry across the river to Loudoun County, Virginia for the "round about" way home to Fairfax. While driving around the scenic roads of horse and farm country, I found an old stone house near Hillsboro,VA that was overgrown with plants. Hopefully they were not poison ivy plants!!! I hope that I can find it again. A plus to visiting this area of Virginia - farm stands with fresh produce (I got some amazing local peaches and nectarines) and wineries (at least 3 in and around Hillsboro - and more in the surrounding county).

As always, enjoy my images. Click on any one to see it a little larger.

- Nadia

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Anonymous said...

Love your pics, especially the sunflowers.