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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Weekend HDR Workshop with John Barclay & friends

Last weekend I went on an HDR photography workshop with John Barclay and my photo gal pals to the Philadelphia area. We started out at Eastern State Penitentiary. We had the opportunity to go into areas of the prison that were not open to the public. One cell block was a drippy, watery mess - COOL. Another was drier but long past its prime. It is hard to imagine what life was like in the prison - to spend day after day - week after week - month after month - year after year - in these concrete cells.

This image - an abstract - was the wall in one of the old cells. What you can't see is that this wall had pretty much detached from the other walls and light was streaming in around it.

After the prison we went to a graffiti area near the Delaware River. I'm not sure that I could get there again. And the second day of our workshop was spent at a place called Fonthill. I will be processing images for a while.

Click on this image to see others in my Flickr Photostream.

1 comment:

John Barclay said...

A terrific image Nadia!