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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maine Photo Tour - The Beginning

It will take me a while to process all the photos I shot. Here are just a few from my recent photo tour to Maine with John Barclay and Dan Sniffin. As always, click on any image to see a bigger version. Enjoy!!!

After the usual hellos and slide show and pep talk by John and Dan, we were off for our first shooting of the trip. To Pt. Neddick in the York Beach area and the "Nubble" Light. It took me a little while to get into the shooting frame of mind. Others shot this a little later for some killer long exposure shots. I wasn't in the mood for that and this is one of my best shots from that evening. I have played with a new Photoshop plug-in for this one - Topaz Simplify. I like the Topaz programs and will be playing with them a lot more.

The next morning it was up at some crazy hour - we left our lodgings, The Higgins Beach Inn, at 4 am for sunrise shooting at the Portland Head Light. Since it was rainy, the sunrise was not so spectacular but it was "cool" nonetheless. The roses were lovely - especially with the water droplets on them.

After Portland Head, it was off to the Zig Zag light at Spring Point.

I was hoping to see some Canadian Thistles on my trip. I missed shooting them at home - went to seed and now they are gone. One of my photo co-horts kept telling me that she saw thistles but they were clovers. I liked how they looked here against the old fence post.

After Spring Point we were going to head over to the Bug Light but it started to rain so it was back to the inn for breakfast and a nap until we left for the next site, New Harbor.

More coming in the upcoming days ...

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John Barclay said...

LOVE the lead image! Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! You go girl!