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Monday, March 30, 2009

Some days just don't work the way you hope ...

Battery Weed, originally uploaded by Nadia McIlhany.

This past weekend, I drove to NY with my parents. I was hoping that I would find some time to do some cool photography and even located what seemed like a promising location on the way - the Gateway National Recreation Area contains Fort Wadsworth, a fort located underneath the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on Staten Island. Unfortunately we missed the one daily tour inside the fort by about an hour. And the weather was a little on the gloomy side. The Battery Weed (pictured) here, nonetheless looked pretty cool. Not exactly what I had hoped to shoot but ... some days are just like that.


Anonymous said...

A Beautiful Black and White Image!


Steve Rosenbach said...

Hi Nadia,

Your image is very nicely composed and with beautiful tonality. I really like the repeating arches - I'm a sucker for arches and for repeating patterns, so both of them together.... ;-)

Best regards,

(I saw your post on the Shutterbug Excursions web pages)