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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Anticipation . . .

I had a very productive photography week. The week began with Labor Day. We still had house guests so we all went on a picnic to Burke Lake Park. This was a treat for Ivan even though he had to be on his leash while we were there. This summer I got him some dollar Frisbees in the dollar section at Target. Ivan loves to play Frisbee. Unfortunately the dollar disks only last about one session. We also brought a regular Frisbee for us to play with. While Charles and Jeff were playing, Ivan really wanted to go play. He managed to slip out of his collar for a bit – until Jeff tackled him.

Our picnic spot was right near the park train tracks. There was a little mock station with an American flag flying. I though that it was very quaint.

On Saturday we went to see Sandi Croan’s show over at the Broadway Gallery in Fair Lakes Promenade. As I’ve said before, I love her work. Now Charles knows what I have been going on about. Check out the link to Sandi's website below - and to Broadway Galleries' website as well.

On Sunday I got to do my first (of hopefully many more) maternity photo session. A friend of mine came over and we shot for about 2 hours. I’m pretty impressed with my efforts – if I do say so myself. Here are afew of the shots … there are more on my website viewing gallery … and even more will be coming as soon as I finish processing them.

While photos were downloading, I worked on some high key lighting skills and did some self-portraits. Always an interesting experience. I am getting much better at working the remote.

I’ve got lots of plans for artistic inspiration this week. On Tuesday I’ll be going to a Northern Virginia Photographic Society (NVPS) workshop on reflections and shadow. And on Wednesday I’ll be going to the monthly Northern Virginia Artists League (NOVAL) meeting.


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