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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Death Valley Sand

I think that my favorite images are the ones of the sand dunes. One evening we hiked into the dunes while it was light so that we could catch the sunset. Of course this meant that we needed to hike out after it got dark. Then the next morning we hiked in the dunes while it was dark so that we could catch the sunrise. I was a little worried about snakes until someone pointed out that it is too cold for snakes right now.

The dunes have wonderful shapes - always changing. We were lucky that there were some wind storms right before we got there so that there weren't that many foot prints. But with a dozen photographers and others climbing over the dunes, the footprints did appear.

While the snakes may be sleeping at this time of year, there is certainly wildlife moving around out there. I saw all kinds of tracks.

This last image is one of my favorites. This was one of the last images that I shot of the dunes on our morning trip on the way back to the cars. Of course it took us a long time to get to the cars because we kept stopping to take pictures. We were on a photo tour after all!

The only casualty of my trek into the dunes was my camera. It took a tumble into a dune and got a little sandy. I'm fairly certain that the crunching sound I hear when I zoom the lens is not good. It is now at the camera repair facility getting a nice professional cleaning (and repair).

Watch for more images.

1 comment:

John Barclay said...

I have the same darn shot... the first on this post that is! Were you walking behind me? :)