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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Death Valley Visions

Before I went to Death Valley, I thought I knew what to expect ... but it suprised me. This place was more diverse than I thought it would be. And I had visions.

In the ghost town of Rhyolite (technically outside the National Park), sculptures punctuated the stark landscape.

Somehow I didn't really find it unusual that a ghost would ride a bicycle or ...

... that there would be a giant miner and penguin among the scrub.

Not too far from the art of Rhyolite instead of scanning the landscape for my visions, I had to look much closer to find them. These next images were shot with a macro lens in Titus Canyon.

Do you see the monster in this image ... or the fairy dancer in this next one?

And can you see the waterfall in this image taken along the Badwater Road?

These phog posts don't always turn out the way that I first intend but watch for sand next time.

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