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Thursday, September 24, 2009


This blog post features images from my Eastern Shore workshop shot for and processed using HDR - High Dynamic Range. In this technique, you take multiple images of the same scene that each capture a different aspect of the exposure range in the scene and then you blend the images together ... and also play with some of the tones. OK, not such a great description of the technique. It is late and I want to get this posted before hitting the hay. I'll do better next time.

Click on any image to see it a little larger.

These first three images were taken at an old, falling down house. It is the perfect subject for HDR with a slight grunge look and some super color saturation.

I was feeling somewhat uninspired at this location until I pulled the fisheye out. Bingo - INSPIRATION!!!
This shot was taken at night. A challenge. I'm thinking that a dusk shot would be better. I guess that I have to head back to St. Michaels!!!

HDR can also be converted to B&W. This is one of my first attempts at a B&W HDR image. This shot was taken in the boat building shop at the Maritime Museum in St. Michaels.


Karen Messick said...

Nice work Nadia, I especially like the Black and white blocks and tackles.

....a photographic journey...... said...

Love the Justines. When I see images such as these I get the whole HDR thing. Good work Nadia

Anonymous said...

Nadia, your photography has just exploded. You have gotten so good it's crazy. I'd say you've graduated from Dan and John magna cum laude! Great work!

Nadia said...

Thanks everyone. I really felt like I nailed the HDR processing on these. It was a good night.

John Barclay said...

A terrific series of images from the terrific Nadia! You've nailed these for sure. Justines for the light is GREAT! Fisheye? WOW! For some reason I even like the halo's on that one... normally I'm not a fan... and the detail shots, spot on. A graduate for sure! No on the post grad tours. :)

mrsammy7 said...

I agree with JB...excellent works. I love Justines. Think the lighting was perfect but if you plan to go back...let me know...or I'll have to do it with JB (heaven's forbid). Halo's only mean the angels approve...! The fisheye was terrific idea...and the B/W looks terrific.